If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else ! — Booker T. Washington

Back to Basics

Back in 2010, I was Vice-President for Europe, Middle-East and Africa for an English corporation, which manufactures yeast and bakery ingredients. Based in Dublin, I was managing 800 employees spread over 9 countries in charge of a 260 million US dollar business, traveling always more.

In 2012, I felt like having a brand new start, giving a new meaning to my life… focused on my humanist values. Like when I was 21 years old. With a friend we founded a humanitarian organization at our Business School. Vent d’Est (East wind) aimed at supporting Romanian people with medical care, books, toys, just after the fall of the Iron curtain. We went to Romania twice.

I realized at that moment how lucky I was and how helping people in need was my duty, my path.

You can have a big impact with very little action. When the Human being is your main point of focus, your main value, you feel alive.
Jeroen van Overbeek

PT Karya Guna Prima

At the core of social action

Jeroen moved to Bali end of 2013. His idea was to start his own business helping less fortunate people and having a positive impact on the living conditions in remote areas. He was also able to capitalize on his twenty years of international experience in the B to B ingredients fields (food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals).

PT Karya Guna Prima is the local Indonesian entity representing Social ImpaKt.

Social ImpaKt’s vision is that everyone, everywhere has access to safe and affordable technologies within their homes. Its mission is to bring simple, eco-friendly life changing and enhancing technologies like water filters, solar lamps to remote areas (the last mile) and urban centers in Bali and East Indonesia. Social ImpaKt also aims to create micro-business opportunities with these technologies.