Clean drinking Water For The Flood Victims Of Nusa Penida – Bali

Dear friends, this is Jeroen from Social Impakt.

I happened to be in Nusa Penida on Monday morning when the floods and landslides happened. Quite a terrifying experience! Water access is an issue now on Nusa Penida, PDAM Water has not been reconnected everywhere yet.

This is why I decided to launch a fundraising campaign for water filters.

Here is the link, please support and share with your friends and community:

We are raising 3000 Euros to support families affected by flooding and landslides in Nusa Penida with a water filter.

To help them with access to clean drinking water after the massive flash floods that swept their houses away.

The issue at hand

On December 13th 2021 at 1 am, heavy rain and huge thunderstorms triggered flash foods and landslides on the island of Nusa Penida just off the coast of Bali.

What must have been a couple of months of rain fell in a few hours and the natural valleys and stream beds burst their banks, widened and even created new streams to handle the huge amount of flooding. This deluge has crippled a lot of the infrastructure. Power lines were down, roads crumbled, houses collapsed. Livestock, scooters, trees, plants, everything washed away.

Houses got flooded with mud up to 1,5 meters. The asphalt was lifted up and overturned in many places, the main road collapsed and many seafront houses were swept away.

Many families have lost their homes, their belongings, their vehicles and their livestock. In Crystal Bay, chaos replaced paradise : in this magical place famous for snorkeling, diving and amazing sunsets, warungs, sunbeds and motorbikes were washed away.

As if it wasn’t enough, borders remain closed to foreign tourists, and these people who already lost most of their income due to Covid-19 have now lost their homes.

Liza’s testimony, who has been living on Nusa Penida for 9 years, is striking :

« It was terrifying.  So fast!  I woke up and the water was already at the lip of the door.  Then the back wall collapsed with a boom and the water rushed inside above my knees.  The furniture started floating.  Things started falling.  And we couldn't get out the front doors because the water was pushing against them. The whole family climbed over our fence to escape to the villa/bungalows.  That's where we are now.  They're raised on stilts, so the water didn't get inside.  But omg the biggest cleanup job you can imagine. mud 30cm think everywhere. 

We lost a lot of belongings and the bikes and pool pump got submerged but we're still the lucky ones considering some of our neighbors right by the sea lost homes, vehicles and livestock. 

Crystal bay looks like another planet.  People's motorbikes and whole warungs got carried out to sea.

Our family there (indeed the whole village) had been evacuated but we haven't been able to get in touch directly to find out the extent of the damage to homes. 

We have electricity but still waiting for mains water.  The spring water dam at crystal bay was damaged as well as the mains water pipeline. »


The solution

Water filters have never been more needed than NOW. This is WHY.

In Nusa Penida, water from the tap is not drinkable. So either people go and buy bottled water, which is expensive OR they boil water, on wood or gas, which also costs money.

Using water filters is 5 times cheaper than boiling water and 30 times cheaper than buying bottled water on a per liter basis.  

It also reduces plastic bottle use and people can filter tap water from home, without having to go out to buy water, which is better in present times.

20 Euros provides clean drinking water to one family for 3 years.

The technology

The filtered water has been tested in many laboratories, it is safe to drink and is approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The ceramic filter is a Dutch technology and lasts for 3 years. After 3 years, you just have to replace the ceramic filter.

Children are the most vulnerable to waterborne diseases, let’s save lives and protect them with safe filtered water to drink ! 

On top of the Economic benefits, there are also Health benefits. Using the water filter literally breaks the vicious circle of poverty.

My name is Jeroen and I am an ex-corporate executive turned social entrepreneur.

I am based in Bali, Indonesia and my mission is to improve access to clean drinking water in rural Indonesia by providing a simple and affordable water filtration technology. People here call me the “Water Magician“ . 

My organisation Social Impaksince its start in 2014 has already positively impacted 290 000 people in Indonesia with improved access to clean drinking water, improving health and income for these people. Worldwide 1 in 5 child deaths is due to a water related disease. In Indonesia alone, 27 000 children die every year from diarrhoea. This is unacceptable in this age and time and this is the reason why I decided to act and created Social Impakt.

Please check for more details.

Where will your money go and what does it buy 

Our Goal is to fundraise 3000 Euros, which represents 150 water filters for 150 families in Nusa Penida, providing clean drinking water to 750 people.

One water filter unit costs 20 Euros.

You can donate through this fundraising page or directly to our bank account in US $, Euro or Indonesian Rupiah to avoid platform fees :

Social Impakt Indonesia

Account number  : 702452597


Bank : Permata Bank

Address : Jalan Danau Tamblingan number 77

Sanur – Denpasar Selatan  80228

Bali, Indonesia

We will distribute the water filters to the families who need them most in the affected areas of Nusa Penida.

With all precautionary measures, wearing masks and gloves.

We will send you pictures and documentation as soon as the filters have been distributed.

Thank you for your support and please share on your social media and with your friends.

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