First trip in Lombok

During  a trip to Lombok, I met Rudy in the village of Sukarara, Central Lombok.
He was a seller at a woven fabrics shop. He showed me around his village.
He knew English perfectly and had quite a good command of French. He was eager to improve his French and was saving some French words he learnt on his small Nokia handphone. I liked his attitude and we connected well.
I asked him what kind of water people use for drinking in his village. I introduced the water filter to him and he liked the product and thought it would be very useful for the people living around there.
Rudy agreed to help me promote the product in the area.
A few months later, I sent a few boxes of filters to Lombok, went there again and we started to promote the filter together in the villages around, to schools, village leaders, women’s association’s (Ibu PKK). I trained Rudy on the product and gave him a template to record sales.
Rudy was very enthusiastic and we were quite successful. The idea is that he could continue the promotion on his own and get some revenues out of it.
It was a great experience for me, meeting wonderful and very welcoming people.
And Rudy was very thankful because he learnt new promotion techniques.

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