Free Healthcare Day on March 8, 2015 with Fair Future Foundation at Penebel village, Tabanan

It was my first experience of a Free Healthcare Day.
We left at 6 am from Ubud for a two hour drive to Penebel village, Tabanan.
We arrived at the Banjar around 8 am and the FFF team started to install their material.
I set up two water filter sets for people to drink.
Traditional Balinese healers from the Ngurah medical centre in Denpasar were also present.
Among them, Jero Mangku Subagia, one of the highest religious leaders in Bali.
I introduced the water filter to him and he showed great interest. He liked the idea of an affordable product
providing safe drinking water to the people.
After that, Jero Mangku Subagia started to heal people in a lying position. I also went for a treatment with him, it is impressive how quickly he could detect blocked energy in some parts of your body and make it circulate, removing the pain.
During that day, about 200 people got free medical care from the FFF team ( about 20 people, doctors, nurses…)
who did a fantastic job. People were very thankful for the medical care they received.

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