Offer and collaboration with NGOs, private companies and expatriates

Social ImpaKt/PT Karya Guna Prima is interested to work with NGOs because on the one hand they are really active in the field and on the other hand they can provide funds for an innovative impacting product. As a private business, Social ImpaKt/PT Garya Guna Prima shares the same values than an NGO: placing the human being at the core.




PT Karya Guna Prima aims to collaborate with all NGOs active in healthcare, but also education, social support and professional integration of teenagers and young adults.

PT Karya Guna Prima is ensuring quality of service to all its partners.
-> healthy purified water for the villagers
-> sustainable resource consumption
-> reduction of plastic usage

PT Garya Guna Prima wants to raise awareness among touristic resorts and the expatriate community, who would act as prescribers. Our mission is to replace the Blue Water Gallon used in most of the Bed & Breakfasts, villas and resorts by Nazava Water Filters.

Involvement of touristic resorts and of the expatriate community

Our message is a calling to awareness. The filter is offered to the touristic resort managers as an opportunity to save money and to provide visitors and employees with safe and healthy water. This target group offers a huge potential of expansion for the Walter Filters in Bali.

The expatriate community can support the action « a safe, sustainable and healthy water for all » through the offer of 2 filters purchased = 1 donated to a local family. This offer would be the pure expression of gratitude towards Balinese people, their tradition and their beautiful Island.

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