Saturday the 18th, April 2015 Donation day at Nusa Penida with Fair Future Fondation

I joined the team of Fair Future Foundation at 7.15 am on Saturday at Sanur Sindhu beach. It was a rainy day and the sea was quite rough.

Our boat was scheduled to depart at 7.30 am for Nusa Penida, but because of the rough sea conditions, no boat was leaving. There were many local Balinese people in traditional dress waiting for the boats, as there was an important ceremony finding place on Nusa Penida over the week end.

Alex, the Founder of Fair Future Foundation, was considering to cancel the trip, as doctors are not allowed to work for more than 8 hours from the time they leave home.

Finally, the boats started to leave and at 10 am, we left Sanur to Nusa Penida.

After a 45 minute boat trip, we arrived at Nusa Penida harbour. 2 cars and 1 small truck were waiting for us to bring us to Suana village, 8 kms from the harbour, where medical care would be provided. Traditional healers from Ngurah Usada Jaya Medical Centre, Denpasar were already there, offering their services to the people of Suana village. In less than 10 minutes, the 2 doctors and the nurses from Fair Future Foundation installed their material and free healthcare consultations could begin.

I installed 2 water filters to provide people with free drinkable water. There was a lot of interest from the people in the filtration system and I got a lot of questions. It was great to see the people rush to the filters and stand in line to taste the water just after they were introduced on the microphone by the healing leader.

A few people wanted to get a filter, some took leaflets with our phone number.

In about 4 hours, about 200 people got a free medical consultation by the FFF team.

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