Free access to safe drinking water with individual Water Filters

Nazava Water Filter is the best quality drinkable water option– no boiling, no electricity –

  • Better taste
  • Better health
  • Better price
  • Eco-friendly

Nazava Water Filters are appliances to purify water at the household level without the need to boil water, use electricity, buy water. Using it improves health, increases disposable income and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It enables households to access clean drinking water.

The Nazava filtration technology has been developed in the Netherlands and has been recognized for its great quality/price ratio. It has been acknowledged by the Silicon Valley Tech Award in November 2013.

The 2 plastic food-grade containers made of PP5 Polypropylene are manufactured in Bandung, Java, Indonesia. And the water filter candle is designed in the Netherlands (PT Holland for Water quality).

An innovative technology from Holland

The Water Filter Candle used by Nazava® consists of ceramic that is impregnated with silver and with a core of activated carbon. It contains pores smaller than 0.4 micron. It stops micro-organisms, bacteria, cyst, parasites, fungi and other particles in the water collected from the tap, well, river or rain. The filter is filled with activated carbon which reduces chemicals such as pesticides and chlorine. It also reduces odors and improves taste. Silver kills

The ceramic is mixed with colloidal silver so micro-organisms are trapped at the surface of the ceramic and helps to keep the stored water clean.

The ceramic water filter candle can purify 7000 litres of water (translates to 1-2 years) water before it needs to be replaced. Designed in the Netherlands, the filter candle is easy to install, clean and replace.

Environmental benefits

No need to boil water, use electricity. No plastic waste. It prevents crucial diseases especially for children and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
The Water filter reduces the use of wood or gas to boil water, which in turn reduces deforestation and CO2 emissions when burning wood or gas for boiling water.
Besides, it reduces the usage of plastic bottles and small plastic cups / plastic straws used to pack mineral water.

Convenience factor: people do not have to go and walk sometimes several kilometers to go and fetch the wood. Time consuming activity. Or to take the motorbike to get the heavy 19 L water gallon.

Socio-economic benefits

Up to 9 times cheaper than buying purified water in the gallon, 4 times cheaper than boiling water.

An Indonesian family of 5 people consumes on average 2 gallons of 19 Liters per week.
Cost : 18000 IDR (1.33 US $) per Gallon x 2 x 52 = 1 872 000 IDR per year (139 US $) – which represents between 1 and 2 months of a yearly salary.

If you have to buy the filter (1.5 year life span ), Water filter costs for one year : 280 000 IDR

(20.7 US$) / 1.5 = 186 666 IDR (13.8 US $), that is 10 times cheaper than the water gallon .
After 1.5 years, you can buy a replacement filter candle for IDR 125 000 (9.25 US $).

Innovative technology

An innovative environmental and sanitary technology which has already provided over 200 000 people in Indonesia with access to safe drinking water and conquered the Silicon Valley Tech Awards.

It’s with a huge satisfaction that PT Karya Guna Prima (indonesian entity representing Social ImpaKt) officialises her first collaboration with Bali Sari Foundation
(an Indonesian Foundation recognized of Pure Public Utility -State Approved- by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in Indonesia).

For 2 Water Filters purchased, 1 will be given to a balinese family during a FREE Health & Medical Care day. Fair Future Foundation gets involved twice a month to bring her team of local doctors to the poorest households.

The Fair Future Foundation and the Bali Sari Foundation care and treat tens of thousands poor, sick, disable, disadvantaged human beings per year, without consideration of race, religion, origin, age, color. The Foundation provide them FREE Health & Medical Care solutions,through their Medical Centers, Home Care Programs & Community Health Medical Care Events all around, especially in West Nusa Tenggara area, in Indonesia.

Providing safe drinking water for health and well being is our first ambition.